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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: Devonshire 'Bird'

No help necessary from the photographer this time: You correctly guessed the neck of the woods (East 10th Street) and then narrowed it down to the right cross street (SE corner of University Place). The double-bird emblem (detailed at right) can be found on Devonshire House, a late-'20s apartment building with neighborhood retail at street level. The birds reminded you of the "Hapsburg emblem" and "King Arthur/Knights Templar" as well as the griffins of London Terrace in Chelsea, but at least one site claims the English-sounding Devonshire is actually designed in a ''Hispano-Moresque'' style. Doesn't that make for a strange mix? (OK, you can go back to watching your History Channel. We're done here today.)
· Curbed BuildingSpotter: 'Double Bird' [Curbed]