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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Schoolhouse Rock

[For your amusement, some insight into the questions posed on Tuesday. More questions and answers welcome, as always, in the comments or to]

1) Brooklyn Heights: No definitive word on the City Market Cafe space on Montague, but we did receive this intel: "not sure if this has anything to do w/ the market being closed, but it looks like that whole building is more or less available for lease - full floor commercial space - it's one of the more striking buildings on montague....perhaps the jehovah's witnesses have claimed another?"
2) Soho: "Lafayette & Spring is indeed the site of the new condo development called Spring. But I believe the ground floor space is what is in question here, and that space has been leased to Parasuco, a Canadian specialty clothing company opening their first American flagship here in the 11,000 sf space. "
3) Midtown West: As for the gas station on 34th and 10th, a commenter wonders, "Are people really mourning the loss of gas stations?" Unclear. Feel free to reveal your own feelings about gas in the comments. Meanwhile, "Another gas station bites the dust: 42nd/11th (NE corner) make way for another high-rise-luxury-condo." Still waiting to hear what's going up on 34th.
4) Carroll Gardens: The rumbling above the F train (ha!) on 1st and Smith is the makings of a new building for the Hannah Senneh Community Day School (rendered above), designed by Horowitz Architects. They've even got their own renovation blog, a naked attempt to parry curry favor with Brownstoner.
5) Chelsea: Sifting through all the pending High Line dev, a reader speculates that the space on 20th between 10th and 11th is the new 40 Mercer project.

After the jump, a couple of bonus thoughts on last week's rumblings.

East Village: Regarding the taxi lot on E. 1st St., a reader writes, "Until the business moved to Williamsburg just after the first of the year, my brother drove a cab out of 62 E. 1st St. The owners of the garage told him that the space will be given over to a seven-story condo building."
Gramercy: As for the stalled dev on 23rd and 3rd, "I live near that intersection and knew a business owner who was acquainted with the original group that wanted to build the apartment building (27 stories is what I heard).

"After going through the trouble of getting the buildings vacant, they got an offer on the site before they had started demolition, and sold at considerable profit.

"My friend has no connection to the new owners, but it's common deveoper practice (anywhere, not just here) to do demolition of existing buildings first (before somebody decides to declare one of them historical, or discover dinosaur bones, an indian burial mound, etc), and only then start work on permits for the new building. It's amazing
how many buildings go from worthless to historical once someone finds out that something bigger will replace it.

"So, whatever plans might have been in place for that corner are now in the hands of people who dropped a big chunk of change."
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