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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) DUMBO Developers Square Off Over the Sun (70 comments)
"this situation is ridiculous and both developers should be ashamed of themselves for acting like spoiled children. karma will get them back (as they count their money they might get a paper cut)."
2) The Tipping Point? (67 comments)
"Folks, it's all about the layout of the unit. Y'all can obsessed about the numbers of square footages all you want, there's gonna be multiple bids on this from buyers that fall in love with this apartment."
3) Curbed PriceChopper: Nearly All of 85 Adams (33 comments)
"You all have been brainwashed by this crazy market, which is coming to an end, at least in DUMBO. The units are still overpriced."
4) Market Update: Bloomberg Shrieks 'Sell!' (25 comments)
"I think Bloomberg is telling us something very important here. This was not a throwayay line. Look at what happened to the stock market on [last] Friday just off the possibility that we might get $70 oil. This could be a very interesting year. My advice to developers: get the shovels in the ground by this summer, latest."