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Eater Tastings: Batali Gets an Eviction Notice

Tasty, tasty vittles from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Batali and landlords play chicken over Del Posto eviction notice for violations of the lease agreement. "Mario's camp doesn't deny the charges, but says fixing the issues would cost roughly $500,000 (or, the dinner tab for four) and the closure of Posto for 2 1/2 months."
2) The space formerly known as the 2nd Avenue Deli, yours for the next 10 years for $36k/month.
3) UPDATE: P.J. Clarke's on the Hudson is open for business.
4) Guess who's coming to the Time Warner Center. Okay, give up? The gang behind Tribeca's Landmarc. You totally were going to say that, right?
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