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Fist-Shaking at CCNY's Towers

Some uptown intrigue. The City College of New York is getting its very own first-ever dedicated campus dorm. Dubbed The Towers at CCNY, it's set to open this fall at the SE corner of St. Nicholas Terrace and W. 130th. But not everyone's a happy camper, according to a tipster:

CCNY students will get "first priority" at teeny 2-4 br dorms. First priority means the mostly middle-to-low income, mostly commuter student body would have to fork over about a grand per student to live in a very small 4 br (granted you get microwaves and a 24-hour lounge and internet). CCNY students already are defacing posters placed around campus in ire. You can easily rent a more spacious 2-4 br in the area for about half the price (check it on craigslist).More on the pricing scheme is available on the floorplan page, where figures like "$1,015 per Month" appear below "Four Bedroom Apartment" without the implied "per student" stipulation. Otherwise, these'd be deep discounts, right?
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