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Ask Curbed: My Broker Is a Salesperson

Broker, salesperson, thief (ha! we kid!) — we can never get those real estate terms of art straight. Turns out we're not alone. A Curbed reader sends this query, which addresses that touchy subject and poses the additional question of whether it all matters. To wit,

I am in the process of buying an apartment for the first time. Someone I believed to be a broker has been showing me places. One in particular I like and may place an offer. However, I just discovered that the would-be broker isn't a Licensed Real Estate Broker at all, but rather a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. I may just make an offer to the seller's broker. Is this wrong? Do I owe the would-be broker anything, legally or ethically? Please advise, Curbed.
Whaddya say? In the comments or to, please.