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Rumblings & Bumblings: Building a Wall of Bars?

No time like the present to make good on one of our New Year's resolutions -- have readers do more of our work. Some of these questions were submitted in 2005, but they have managed to stay relevant into this exciting new year. Answers and more questions to

1) East Village: "What is going on at 38 E. 4th street? The building is being gutted and the backyard had 4 feet of dirt removed. The building permit is in the name of Sean Macpherson who may be associated with Eric Goode owner of the Bowery Bar. There is an application to the SLA for the Fourth Street Inn, LLC 38 E 4th St. Are they trying to extend the Bowery Bar into this space? The Bowery Bar is next door. E. 4th Street is becoming a wall of bars."
2) Upper West Side: "Heard there is a planned demolition of building on SW corner of 72nd and Bway to make way for new construction. Seems a shame as the current building is quite pretty - even in its dilapidated state. What do you know?"

3) East Williamsburg: "There is a building on Richardson Street that the Developer's Group in marketing. The building has been finished for months but no sales have started. Their website even headlined the project once like it was coming to market soon- but that was back in the last summer. I wonder if anyone knows what's holding up the offering plan and/or sales?"
4) Chelsea: Okay, okay, we give. Impossible to tell one new dev from another in this nabe. A trio of queries that we may or may not have covered:
a) "Anyone seen any plans for the new building on the corner of 26th & 6th ?? I assume it is another 30 + story cookie cutter, but am yet to see any details."
b) "Does anyone know what is going on in the newly constructed building on 21st Street just east of 7th Ave.? Definitely residential, but no signs that would indicate who's marketing the building."
c)"What in the world is going on with the two corners on 22nd and 7th Avenue? Once there was a crappy espresso shop that closed about two years ago. Its the North West corner of 22nd and 7th. Now its just a empty buildng that appears to have an extension built on top, but has been empty at least for five years. Catty corner on the South East of 22nd & 7th is a store that my wife who has lived in the area for about ten years, said used to be a vintage clothing store. Now its just a closed store front called My Old Lady and a weird building that appears to have some tenants, although we are not sure. What's up with these two corners?"