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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Courtney's Back

1) Courtney Love's Crosby Street loft, covered in detail right here (and pictured at right), is back on the market after a buyer fell through due to some paperwork problems, or at least that's their story. The price has been chopped $250,000, down to $5.25 million. Will someone please give Courtney Love some money? Also in New York: downtown brokers are laughing at Usher. [S.Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]
2) Here's a bummer. Richard Gere has put the North Haven mansion he bought just last October for $7.9 million back on the market, at $9 million. The house is right next door to Jimmy Buffet's Hamptons estate. For shame. We were lovin' the mental image we had of the two meeting up at the fence that seperates their properties for a gentle duet of "Kumbaya." [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
3) Yankees pitcher Tanyon Sturtze has just moved into a three-bedroom rental in the Upper East Side's newish Milan, a few floors above teammate Carl Pavano. He's paying $9,500 a month with an option to buy. The starstruck owner turned down an offer of $11,000/month in order to aid and abet a Yankee. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
4) Shvonus! According to real estate trade rag Page 6, Michael Shvo?Curbed's Broker of the Year?broke his birthday bread with a special menu whipped up by Daniel Boulud, printed in Hebrew and featuring "French interpretations of such mideastern favorites as hummus and baba ganoush." We're sure Mark appreciated the gesture. [Page 6]