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It Happened One Weekend: Fizzbow Fever

1) A couple of lefty Commie psychos in Madison, Wisconsin, are trying to bring down the real estate industry as we know it with their newfangled "Web site." Curse you, heartless 6%-stealing fizzbows! [NYTimes]
2) "Yesterday's new moon suggests that New York's 2006 real-estate activity will be innovative, lively and challenging." Seriously, was anybody trying this week? [NYPost]
3) For your consideration, the realtor as pimp. The picture at right tells the whole story, doesn't it? [NYTimes]
4) Speaking of pictures that are worth a thousand words, it may just be our real estate-porn addicted minds, but we're almost tempted to have a caption-writing contest for this photo. No clue what the actual article is about. [Sketch Pad/Tracie Rohzon]
5) Has the "classic six" label lost some of its prestige? [NYPost]
6) The New Yorker?yep, the New Yorker?is totally crushing hard on Brownstoner. Dig that funky argot! [New Yorker]
7) What we would give to see Charles Gwathmey with a Sculpture for Living on his head. [Streetscapes/Christopher Gray]