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Curbed Three-Pack: $850k Brownstones in Sunset Park

A little more than a year ago, on January 20, 2005, Curbed spent the better part of a day obsessing about Park Slope's bastard offspring. Okay, that's a tad unfair—Sunset Park, then as now, is emerging as a destination hood in its own right, a place confirmed by yesterday's NYT story about the nabe's desirable brownstone stock. The latest need-to-know if you're shopping the 'stoner market: most anything below $700k is a bargain, already condemned or—feel the burn—only two stories tall; three stories can be had for under $1m. Below, a Curbed three-pack look at Sunset Park brownstones in the $850,000 range.

For more, check Curbed's coverage of Sunset Park, still surprisingly relevant™ 375 days later: Sunset Park: The New Hotness; Lesbians Decamp Park Slope for Sunset Park ; Sunset Park, The Insider's Guide; Handy Map of Brooklyn Neighborhoods, detailing the great lesbian migration of 2004-2005, excerpted above]

What/Where: Brownstone, 45th Street between Fourth/Fifth Aves (above)
Asking: $875,000
The Skinny: Three floors of brownstone joy in the heart of the Park; sez the Corcoran listing, "details include wood trim and door frames, well-kept hardwood floors, tin ceilings and more." Not to mention the most retro stairwell carpeting we've seen in ages.
· Listing: 45th Street Brownstone [Corcoran]

What/Where: Brownstone, Sunset Park
Asking: $850,000
The Skinny: Surely one of the reasons to shop Brooklyn brownstones, especially if you've been perusing Manhattan 2BRs since forever, are the quirks in the listing prose. Consider this perk on this three-story brownstone listed by Fillmore: "many original details, wooden floors, back yard, new rubber roof and boiler." Snazzmatazz!
· Listing: Beautiful Brownstone Two-Family [Fillmore]

What/Where: Two-family attached brick brownstone, Sunset Park
Asking: $849,000
The Skinny: Here's a fun game for Sunset Park experts out there: explain to us in the comments what is it about this Sunset Park two-family attached brick brownstone that sets its asking price a full one thousand dollars below the listing above? Nice try, but we're a step ahead of you: "Gas heating system is four years old and the rubber roof is 3 years old."
· Listing: 2-Family Attached Brick [Fillmore]