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Meditation on Luxhastion

Architectural misanthrope realist Miss Representation decries the "pervasiveness of luxury" on the Manhattan real estate scene:

The luxury appellation is particularly grating because it is both a logical fallacy and an insult to the discriminating attitude of a town full of people who sneer at a $3,000 suit because it is still off the rack. Is every new apartment in New York luxurious? [Trick question?—ed] It’s like the old Steven Wright joke: somewhere out there is the worst doctor in the world -- and someone has an appointment with them today... Somewhere in this town is an apartment that isn't 'luxury' -- and I'm probably in it.
If you make it through the meat of the rant, Miss Rep emerges with praise for the select projects that, to his mind, earn their luxury stripes. Smart reading, as always.
· Luxhastion [Miss Representation]