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Tribeca Shadows Update: Not In My High-Priced Backyard

See the box-within-a-box at the left of the image above? That's the region of the Tribeca waterfront that developer Jack Parker Corporation wants rezoned to allow for 175-foot tall residential towers. Scary, sun-blocking residential towers! When first we heard of this particular rezone suggestion last fall, the developer wanted 210-foot tower approval, but residents forced him to downscale his plans. Still, nabe residents interviewed by the Downtown Express are floored that the scaled-back plan may not require an environmental review. "All the elected officials went berserk," says one. Residents favor a 140-foot height limit across the northern swath of Tribeca delineated above. Developing, etc.

Meantime, the Express fills in some gaps on another downtown project we've been tracking: the condo conversion of 25 Broad Street that's leaving renters without lease renewals. Nothing fresh here, except for several gem paragraphs in which current residents deride the asking prices their apartments will carry:

"Everyone thinks that what they’re asking is overpriced," said [tenant Heather] Conoboy, who received a letter from Swig saying that her fourth floor one-bedroom, which she described as dark, would be marketed for $720,000. "It's crazy — there is no way my apartment is worth that." She currently pays $2,335 a month for it.· City Delays Waterfront Building Plan After Protests [Downtown Express]
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