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Diddy Slept Here

You may remember 813 Park Avenue as the former home of Sean Combs. It is currently being redeveloped as three seperate super exclusive residences. From the looks of the website, the four story penthouse is tricked out with a library, cinema room and drawing room, all described in flowing prose:

This streamlined enviroment might equally suit an actor, producer, director or super model. Flames flicker from pebbles in the sleek drawing room fireplace , above which glistens a dark reflective mirror. The floor is gloss rosewood, the silk rugs limited edition, the baluster-steel and glass with a dark leather hand stitched rail, the ceiling track lights are reminiscent of a 1940's movie set.
Just in case you are interested, the units are being marketed by the always quotable Dolly Lenz.
· 813 Park Avenue [813 Park Avenue]