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Development du Jour: Pacific Blue

After lavishing all that wordage on the LES' Blue, it was high time we mentioned its sister in arms across the water, Pacific Blue. The Prospect Heights development will feature not just one, but a whole handful of buildings, offering 70-some condos when the dust has settled, scattered (where else?) along Pacific Street. Renderings of Nos. 925 and 935 are pictured above. The developer is Supreme Buildings. Amenities include "a 50-foot lap pool, rooftop cabanas and a screening room." But don't expect them to all be in your own building per se, as Brendan Aguayo, of Brooklyn brokerage Aguayo & Huebener, explained recently to The Real Deal:

These are going to be marketed as a new lifestyle, not really as separate buildings. ... Each resident will get a Pacific Blue card, and they'll be able to enter each building to take advantage of amenities. In one building will be a screening room, in another a gym, in another a business center, and the fourth will have a kids' playroom.Of course, this set-up is what we used to call "college," but we'll smile and nod to the whole "new lifestyle" idea, just 'cause they had the guts to name their condos after a landmark piece of television starring Mario Lopez. Marathon in the screening room, anybody?
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