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Development Du Jour: Luxe 226

Seems 20 Pine is not the only new development getting its sell on today. The friendly PR folks behind The Developers Group's Luxe 226, a new residential development at 226 Richardson in Greenpoint, send along word that they're selling this baby. (Okay, not totally fresh to market, but let's roll with this.) The building is designed by Andres Escobar Durukan, and contains 10 apartments—1BR "lofts" and 2BR duplexes—starting at $490,000 $775,000 (Update: PR folks let us know $775k is the floor of the prices.) Or so says the PR speak. Listings-wise, the Developers Group's website shows three apartments still up for grabs from $775,000 to $925,000. Separately, WiredNY has photos of the place under construction last spring—what took so long?
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