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Butterfly and Other Development Names Without Wings

The New York magazine website redesign appears to have finally rolled its weary butt out of bed and offered up a "What's in a name?" real estate column by S.Jhoanna. Chief among new buildings with identity crises, apparently, is the development (pictured above) going up on 10th Avenue in the low 50s, a former Curbed Development Du Jour, to boot. See if you can follow the bouncing ball:

1) Clinton Green. Sorta Hell's Kitchen + sorta eco-friendly = "banal."
2) Butterfly (above). "After brand strategists said the building would appeal to work-hard-play-hard 'social butterflies.'" Later bagged for being "too much."
3) Mosaic, the winner (for now at least). "It encapsulates the project’s mix of luxury rentals, affordable housing, and theaters."

Turns out you can easily drop "$40,000 to $100,000" for these brilliant brainstorms—or considerably more than we spent on cobbling together the graphic above. Bonus fact: Master-marketer Michael Shvo of 111 Fulton and 8 Union Square South "consults a numerologist[!]"
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