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Around the Horn: Where the Yankees Live

Pressing question in the NYC luxury residential market: What will baseball Jesus do? Unable to ascertain Johnny Damon's moving plans, the Observer settles for a thoroughly entertaining roundup of current Yankee residences. The lineup:

Trump World Tower (845 UN Plaza)
· Derek Jeter ($13 mil)
· Hideki Matsui ($3.16 mil)

Trump Park Ave (59th/Park)
· Alex Rodriguez ($7.5 mil)

The Empire (E. 78th)
· Jason Giambi ($4.375 mil)

The Seville (E. 77th)
· Jorge Posada

Park Imperial (W. 56th)
· Randy Johnson ($25k rental)

Asked why some of the biggest Yankee stars prefer his buildings, Donald Trump said, "They do love my buildings. That starts because George Steinbrenner is a friend of mine, and I think he probably originally, years ago, recommended Trump buildings. They’ve been there ever since, at various buildings even as I build them now.” Imagine that. Even as he builds them now!
· Johnny Damon Is Looking for His New York Luxury Box [Observer]