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More on the P.J. Hanley's Zeitgeist

More dispatches from the anthropological experiment that is Carroll Gardens' own "phoenix from the ashes" P.J. Hanley's ? or is it Hanley's Tavern now? ? where they're trying to cozy up to the hesitant newcomers without alienating the graying guys with ponytails. First, we have this cryptic bit of local color from the Times' City Section: "'Hey,' Mr. Hanley growled, eyes narrowing. 'Them guys'll never bother you,'" with a bonus appearance by Erin of A Brooklyn Life. And today, there's a rundown of what was lost and what was found during a recent visit to the tavern by the proprietor of 423smith, excerpted here. Spot where the good points end and the bad begin:

-More space by the bar
-Quality food
-Puzzling leers from local boozers
-Puzzling greetings from local boozers
-Goofy charm and character M.I.A.
-No suit of armor
-No Diana Ross drawing/painting
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