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Tunnel No. 3 Update: NIMBY, Says East 50s

To date, it's just been downtown neigborhoods getting the shaft from construction blasting related to NYC's elegant new Water Tunnel No. 3, rumbling into a neighborhood near you. Remember the "BANG! BANG! BANG!" on West Houston, or the arrival of massive machinery on East 4th? It's all part of the price residents pay to ensure clean water for our grandkid's grandkids.

Except, of course, on the Upper East Side, where clean water for millions is no match for residents of the East 50s. Seems residents there are "alarmed" about the thought of blasting and subsequent tunnel work in their bucolic neighborhood, the Observer reports. And they've finessed the issue nicely: "We’re opposed to it because they will not tell us the water-main route," said one opponent. Which is clever enough that we can't even stay angry at them. God love ya, East 50s.
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