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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Condos, the New Bars!

1) Regarding the activity at E. 4th and Bowery, a commenter notes, "I had heard quite some time ago that the plan was to demolish B-Bar, then replace it with a fancy new condo building above and reinstall the B-Bar below."
2) No takers on the corner of 72nd and Bway. Anxiously awaiting the big news.
3) In East Williamsburg Greenwick, confusion reigns on Richardson St. To wit: "I live on this same block (in an ill-zoned warehouse) as this development. They built the entire thing in about four days last spring, and every once in a while I see some people paving and re-paving the sidewalk in front. Oddly enough, every night when I walk by there are seizure inducing strobe lights flashing on every darkened, uninhabited floor. Tripped-out meth lab? Or tripped-off security alarms? Take your pick." Um, we'll take meth lab!
4) Finally, in the luxurious Chelsea area:
a) 26th and 6th: "I have not seen the plans, but know from chatter in the North Chelsea 'hood that it will be a 30+ (i was told 36) storey apt. building rental, from the same people that developped the Capitol and the Aston (on successive blocks). No public park/homeless hangout/shady garmentos using it as an office, from what i hear. Definitely apartments, definitely $2000+ studios. The New 'Platinum coast'?"
b) 21st and 7th: "Basic brick design, nothing special. Cookie-cutter units at market rate rental." Rock.
c) 22nd and 7th: Now development news, only a reminder that My Old Lady hearts Neckface . [photo above via Satan's Laundromat]
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