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Second Avenue Deli Among Day's Tragic Closings

The boys at Eater were on this this morning, but the shuttering of the Second Avenue Deli due to a monthly rent hike from $24,000 to $32,000 hits us like a ton of bricks. As Eater writes, "This has CBGBs, Part II written all over it. Someday, we'll find a more efficient way to ensure these institutions remain open. Until then, commence the fund raising, protest, merchandise sales, etc."

And yet, the news isn't even the most gripping closing news of the day, at least if our inbox is to be trusted. Check these two reader reports:

1) The huge gas station located on 34th st and Tenth Ave has just closed. Is a huge condo building going there?

2) I was walking home recently past 34th St @ 10th Avenue, the gas station there was open for business just before Christmas, it's all fenced off has to be a new development...more when I have it. Gas stations are getting to be like DoDo's. From Avenue B to West 23rd, whither Manhattan's glorious gas stations of olde? Commence the fund raising, protest, merchandise sales, etc.
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