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Skylofts at 145 Hudson: The Ultimate Teardown?

In Tribeca, land of lofty living, comes a tantalizing little rumor that keeps making its way to our ears. A tipster explains:

My friend works at 145 Hudson in tribeca, and apparently there's a somewhat juicy story. the owner built these penthouses on the roof, apparently finished them, only to find out that he didn't have the correct permits to do so. now he has to tear them down completely. this is a building that also has apparently sold residential units to the edge (U2), calvin klein, etc. kill me if i say the word "apparently" again; i just couldn't help myself.We weren't giving much weight to this rumor until investigation of the 145 Hudson website—this is the development formally known as the Skylofts—revealed that the two penthouses are listed as "temporarily off the market." Emails to the brokers seeking comment went unreturned. Anyone know more? Bonus fun fact about 145 Hudson: TMN's Ben Mathis-Lilly notes, "According to a search of Google and news databases, the 145 Hudson promotional materials contain the first and only mention of a 'museum-sized' elevator in human history."
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