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The Hole Situation Update: 'Yelling' at the Castle Wall

Following up on the furor at Hudson Heights' Castle Village, where co-op members are being asked to shell out as much as $23,000 to clean up the massive retaining wall that collapsed, we got a copy of the notice (excerpted after the jump) that caused "yelling and screaming in the hall," according to someone who was there when it was handed out.

Adds our latest tipster: "What's got most so upset is the time frame for payment" ? 1st payment late June of '06, then September, then the last one Dec. 31. The notice says that given the timeline for rebuilding, they need most of the money in 12-18 months; the board also mentions refinancing and tax deductions as ways to ease the load. Meanwhile, who's the firm planning the new wall, estimated at $20 mil? Weidlinger Associates, heard from recently for their work on walls at the planned Freedom Tower.

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[Photo at top via Flickr/Nayantara]