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Eater Tastings: Starr's MePa, Loft's Chaos, & Del Posto NYE

This week's entrées from the SLNY/Curbed New York City restaurant blog Eater...

1) What's wrong with arriviste restaurateur Steven Starr's map of the Meatpacking District (right)? Hell, what isn't? (Bonus: new neighborhood name, ChelsMePa, spawned.)
2) BREAKING: Got a reservation tonight at hot new Upper West Side restaurant Loft? Well, the chef just walked out with his recipes and didn't order supplies. Enjoy! (Related: what's a good second date place on the UWS?)
3) New Year's Eve spent with Molto Mario at Del Posto: "it was all about the prosecco -- better than i've ever had." Oh baby.

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