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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) It Happened One Weekend: Fizzbow Fever (53 comments) "The deal was struck with a hand shake, a check for $100, and a shot of whiskey. No brokers were involved in anyway. Closing went smoothly."
2) New Year's Eve 365: Sales Booming at 1600 Bway (45 comments) "It's amazing how many people have so much money. And I don't think people that buy those apartments are buying them as their main residence. Living in the middle of Times Square does seem like a good place to raise a family."
3) The Hole Situation Update: Yelling at the Castle Wall (44 comments) "I fear that one day our retaining wall (which is not as big as CV's wall), will tumble down, on to Riverside Drive and we will have the same devastation that is going on at CV."
4) The Curbed Award 2005 (Part II) Addendum (33 comments) "I agree this is totally a fraudulent poll. If you can't trust a random internet site for valid scientific answers to such questions as 'which neighborhood is best?' or 'who would totally win in a fight, a whale or 15 sharks?' then how are we to live our lives?"