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Cool New Thing: PropertyShark's Block Photos

Our friends at real estate research site PropertyShark drop us a press release—yep, they've got a publicist—to spread the word that they've finished photographing every block in Manhattan. If you thought Amazon's A9 search service had already pulled off this feat, Shark CEO Ryan Slack explains why his tool is better: "A9, which is farthest along, only shows the first two stories of each building, while offers a full picture of the entire façade; in addition, we provide shots of every building on every street, whereas they only have certain commercial streets available. We also link every photo to a specific building address, but A9's photos are not indexed to specific addresses only general locations." Williamsburg-based startup, 1; Seattle-based behemoth, 0. (Seen above: 392 Columbus Ave. on the Upper West Side cropped for size; check it out in its full glory.)
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