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West Village's Caffe Dell'Artista Shuttered

Early January can be a depressing time, and there's nothing like a nice coffeehouse to put yourself back together. Except of course, when you're spoiled at every turn like our West Village correspondent was:

Many of you may remember the dear departed Peacock Cafe on Greenwich Avenue. When it closed, most of the clientele went up half a block and half a flight of stairs to Caffe Dell'Artista, which never managed to be as charming, but was a lot better than nothing. Well, that venerable institution is now closed as well: there's a gate over the entrance, an eviction notice on the door (they apparently did not go gently into that good night), and a For Rent sign in the window. I went down 10th Street to Jack's to drown my sorrows in a memorial hot chocolate, but they close at 7! (One guy sitting near me said, "What is this, the Midwest?") Are there truly no more cafes open until 11 in the West Village? What happened to my beloved Bohemia?Remember, friends: sometimes you're the pigeon, sometimes you're the witness to the demise of yet another independent cafe.
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