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On the Market: The 2nd NYC Real World Pad

A new year, another chance for you and six of your strangest friends (or six friendly strangers) to recreate all the backbiting, melodrama, deep late-night conversations, and low-light on-camera canoodling with the proper Tuscan-style decor, circa early 2001. That's right, the West Village triplex used as the set for The Real World 10 is up for grabs again: furnished, but only for three months, to give you that fleeting just-one-season! feel. The $35,000 monthly rental price is well below the $55K that MTV paid for it, but only somewhat cheaper than it was going for shortly after the impossibly cool, totally unvarnished cast left the building ($38K). Which leaves us with one question: Whatever happened to Rachel?
· Listing: 632 Hudson Street [Stribling, via TheRealEstate]