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Brownstone Brooklyn Too Hot to Handle?

This week's New York magazine contains an alarming figure for all those family-havin' suburb-haters that are looking to settle down in shady lane Brooklyn: Corcoran's end-of-the-year report claims that the average townhouse in Park Slope now costs $3.35 million, a gentle 90% increase over the last quarter of 2004. While it's not news that the Slope is surging, it's still shocking to see numbers climb that high. Writes S.Jhoanna Robledo:

Park Slope long ago arrived for the usual reasons—great schools and services, not to mention the park itself—but its huge stock of intact brownstones is the core of its appeal. The families that a generation ago would have left for the suburbs are now brownstone buyers, and that creates extreme competition and a very small supply of listings.
Excuses, excuses. Personally, we just think everyone is moving there to try and unmask Brooklyn Vegan.
· An Uphill Slope [NYMag]