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Curbed Seeks: The Buyers and/or The Sellers

With the final update from The Fizzbows due any moment (no, really), we're ready to embark on our next great experiment in Quality Citizen Journalism™. Starting immediately, Curbed is seeking a NYC-based individual or couple who are entering the market to buy, or just starting the process of selling, for new on-going inter-active feature(s) to be called The Buyers and/or The Sellers. If you fit either of these life profiles, and are interested in chronicling your adventures for our little web presence, drop a line to This will be fun.

(The fine print: It's cool if you're working with broker(s), but please don't be a broker yourself. Please be digital photo savvy. Funny is good. Curbed is not responsible from the antipathy your exploits will no doubt provoke from commenters on this site. We reserve the right to come up with better names for these features before they commence. Hi!)