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Curbed Three-Pack: Rental Love for the LES

Today, in honor of the Times' boundless love for life on the Lower East Side this weekend, we offer three ? if not boundless, then certainly potentially appealing — rental properties there:

1) One-bedroom apartment on Delancey Street for $1,600/month. Hardwood floors, arched doorways, and high ceilings in this one-bedroom. Plenty of light ? for you and your clothes, as it appears from one of the pictures (at right) that the triptych of hanging rods isn't closeted, but out in the open.
· Listing: Delancey near Clinton [Craigslist/CitiHabitats]

2) One-bedroom between Suffolk and Clinton for $2,000/mo. Open-ended sublet of a furnished third-floor 600sqft one bedroom. Queen sized sofa bed, entertainment center. Cable, internet, utilities included; not included here is what street this prewar building is actually on.
· Listing: Somewhere btwn Suffolk/Clinton []

3) Two-bedroom on Rivington Street for $2,950/mo. Our spelling award goes to this one (pictured at top): "Famus Rivington St!!! Do you need a Hugh 2 bedrooms? Sunny outlook? ... Attended Loby? ... High Ceilling? ... Look at the picture and see the vies from the roof deck!" Of course, having a sunny outlook is always good advice when apartment hunting.
· Listing: Rivington St btwn Ridge & Pitt [VV/HazenAmran]