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McDonald's Not Lovin' 23rd St. Anymore?

Could it be that Madison Square Park's Shake Shack has slain a competitor or merely that developers have some less greasy use in mind for 22 E. 23rd? Either way, a Flatiron tipster writes:

The McD's on E 23rd at the foot of Madison Ave. closed up shop sometime in the last few weeks. I don't recall ever seeing a McD's close down before. Maybe the local homeless heroin addicts didn't buy enough Big Mac Extra Value Meals to sustain their business.
The closing bug appears to be spreading, according to tipster #2: "The CVS, McDonalds and the bar on 23rd Street between First and Second Avenues are soon to be no more. Apartments are to be built on that spot."

In possibly related news, officials have just cooked up the city's latest business improvement district around this very thoroughfare. Thus, your koan of the moment: Prepare to begin not throwing your nonexistent McD's wrappers in the soon-to-appear Flatiron 23rd St. Partnership trashcans.
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UPDATE: Perhaps closing was too much to hope for. A commenter and a tipster claim the McD's is only renovating. Spiffier Happy Meals on the way.