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It Happened One Weekend: 'Burbs Dissed, Chitaly Championed

1) Meet the folks responsible for buying and renovating 115 Allen Street (right), a former Curbed Building of the Day, financial hot topic and classic GameBoy game. Looks like they took over the penthouse instead of finding a buyer for $4.5 million. [Habitats/Jeff Vandam]
2) The Post looks at the real estate sensation currently known as Little Chitaly and gets others' input on what the nabe's name should be. As if anything could ever top us. Here's where it all started, folks. [NYPost]
3) Great odds and ends roundup. About a mil to live above Kenny's Castaways on Bleecker with no doorman ... Shvo vacations in the Bahamas ... boutique hotel at Bowery and 3rd to open "this summer." [NYPost]
4) Cautionary tale about moving to the suburbs. "It's like death out there." [NYTimes]
5) Can real estate funds continue making investors rich, as they have the past three years? Beware ominous tones: "There are some compelling reasons to sell right now." [NYTimes]
6) Two thirty-somethings in need of new surroundings pair up via random Craigslist postings and set out to find a Brooklyn playpen together. This seems like the smoothest Craigslist roommate search ever. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]