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HoodWatch: North Tribeca Scandals Cheatsheet

As part of HoodWatch's North Tribeca obsession this week, let's get caught up on the issues and scandals plaguing the neighborhood, shall we?

[Photo by special HoodWatch photographic correspondent Will Femia]

1) That Damn Pile Driving. For those living by the triangle at Canal and Greenwich Streets, the pile driving that's been underway lately for the foundation of new development The Zinc Building (construction site, above) is ratcheting up the insanity. A previous Curbed Development Du Jour, the building will hold 21 luxury condos—if it can get built. Stop-work orders from pile driving problems—"cracks have formed in three nearby historic buildings because of the pile driving," Downtown Express reports—have slowed work. [Tribeca Trib, Downtown Express, Curbed]

2) Fifth Holland Tunnel Exit. Smack in the middle of the North Tribeca micronabe, the tunnel has an impact on just about everything. Which is why the news that the Port Authority plans a fifth Holland Tunnel Exit, connecting the rotary to Varick, is was welcome news. Spiffy sketch of the new plan at right. [Tribeca Trib] UPDATE: Our bad—old news. But tomorrow, some thrilling Holland Tunnel news you won't want to miss. No, really. Really.

3) Upzone, Downzone. The biggest issue for years in the nabe was settled last month when real estate developer Jack Parker Corp. which wanted to go big with developments along the north edge, agreed to a scaled-down development plan. Terms included shorter building heights and an agreement to exclude big-box stores. All well and good, right? Or... not. Cf this analysis from a Curbed commenter by the name of exTribecaNorther, "The neighborhood has been gentrified almost beyond recognition. PS234 is overcrowded (I hear), and the new Jack Parker development will start going up soon at the far northwest of the neighborhood and even more (rich) people will be moving in. But that's life in the big city, right?" [Gotham Gazette, Curbed]