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CurbedWire: Something Strange on Sutton Place

1) Midtown East: A potential buyer at 333 East 53 Street send this report: "Months ago, looked at a co-op in the very lovely building. Unfortunately draconian board rules prevented us from making an offer. Seems to me that I’m not the only one running away from the building. Eight open listings in a midrise with price per square foot dropping? Also, very misleading post on streeteasy regarding stats on the building. The apartment listed for $289K that 'closed' after 300+ days, is now listed at $275K with another broker! The most recent closed listing 'sold' after 340 days! I wonder about that. I know things are taking longer to sell, but with these stats, you’d think the board would lighten up a little. Hey, who do they think they are? 740 Park?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Midtown West: Regarding the status of Pier 84, a tipster writes, "Hudson River Park pier opens in a week. 44th and West Side Highway." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: Streetsblog gets the scoop on NYC's innovative new Class III bike lanes (right). To wit, "Often referred to as 'shared lanes,' Class III routes are put down in places where bicycles and motor vehicles are supposed to ride together as equals in the middle of street...there are three half-finished stencils between Grand and Broome and one more closer to Delancey." Great news for bikers, but who will teach cabbies the rules? [StreetsBlog]