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Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard Being Demolished

For those wondering WTF is going on with Williamsburg's historic Old Dutch Mustard factory, we have an answer: It's being demolished. We last saw Old Dutch during its asbestos removal phase, and a new walk past the building revealed netting in front and glimpses of sky through the roof. And a look at the paperwork outside found...demolition permits. It's going to be a manual demolition, so everyone can watch it happen in slow motion, brick by brick. (Breeze Demolition, which tore down the Todd Shipyard in Red Hook for Ikea is tearing down Old Dutch too.) We're guessing that talk of landmarking the building never gained any traction? Meantime, most everything around Old Dutch has already been reduced to rubble. The properties were bought for $25 million this spring by Steiner Equities. Anyone catch a glimpse of the lovely plans for this block, feel free to hit us up.

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