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Development Du Jour: Miraval Living

Miraval? Of Arizona's world-famous Miraval Resort & Spa? Yeppers. Apparently the big rental tower at 515 East 72nd Street known as River Terrace has undergone the old switcheroo, and it's now an upscale condo building called Miraval Living, developed in conjunction with the spa. And since Miraval stresses a life of fitness and nutrition, you know this one's gonna have some quirks. Indeed! "Miraval Advisors" will work with tenants to devise fitness plans, and there are sample weekly schedules on the website (under "Miraval Moments") that you'll definitely want to check out. There's a Creative Arts Studio, where you and your kids can write poetry, listen to lectures and put shit in a kiln, and the gym's lap pool will host "dive-in movies." Our brain is being crushed by the weight of all this, so please just go ahead to the site and check it out. Sales in the building start October 24th.
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