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Clinton Hill Shoe Sale

Corcoran's Kara Kasper is on the move. After finding early success in Williamsburg with the Mill Building, she's heading deeper into Brooklyn, this time setting her sights on Clinton Hill's Shoe Factory Lofts. The boutique loft conversion only has 13 units, but they're overstuffed "family" apartments, so there's a lot of square-footage to unload. How's it going so far? Well, as Set Speed claimed just one week ago, prices "may be a slight reach for the area" (for now). StreetEasy is showing nearly an across-the-board PriceChop, but nothing too dramatic. Three-bedroom 1,588-square-foot lofts that were listed at $815,000 and $775,000 now seem to be at $800,000, $750,000 and $725,000. Interestingly, Set Speed reported that a penthouse was sold, but all 13 listings are still floating around as of now. There's an open house on Sunday, but has anyone swung by who cares to comment on this interesting building?
· Shoe Factory Lofts [Corcoran]
· 242 Greene Avenue [StreetEasy]