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HoodWatch: N. Tribeca Ladder #1a (< $1.75 million)

We began our North Tribeca listings ladder yesterday by jumping onto a middle rung. Today, we take a step down and survey the market south of $1.75 million.

1) What/Where: Office space, Washington (Franklin & No. Moore)
Asking: $660k
The Skinny: Nothing like cheating on the first question! This is neither an apartment (see listing: "No Living!") nor technically within the boundaries of our neighborhood (it's just south of No. Moore, our southern border), but there's not much going on in the sub-$1M market in these parts and so we settle for a place to work above Nobu. "Perfect for Low Traffic User:Architect, Designer, Film Company, Writer, Hedge Fund Group, Lawyer, Art Dealer, Non Profit or small business," says the listing.
· Listing: 105 Hudson Street [Elliman]

2) What/Where: 2BR condo, Greenwich (Laight & Hubert)
Asking: $1.45 million
The Skinny: Behold, a place to sleep. This 2BR, 2BA spreads over 1278 sqft in the River Loft Condominiums. The listing overflows with proper names?from the design team of Tsao and McKown to the Varenna kitchen to the Subzero and Miele appliances to the Western Courtyard views. $1009 monthly maintenance nut.
· Listing: 424 Greenwich [JC Deniro]

3) What/Where: Loft coop, Hudson (Beach & Hubert)
Asking: $1.65 million
The Skinny: 1400 sqft, currently open with "3 sleeping niches." This top-floor pad has three-sided views. "The best part," says the listing, "is that there is the option to buy 1000 square feet of private roof rights to create your own spacious roof top garden that can be accessed through the loft."
· Listing: 135 Hudson [Brown Harris]