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BREAKING: 524 East 72nd Street Plane Crash Building Details

Photo courtesy of blogger Velvet Sea, who has much more from the scene.

In our continuing coverage of the East 72nd Street plane crash, here now are the details on the building, The Belaire: 524 East 72nd Street. The 1989 building has 183 units over 50 stories (or 39 stories, per Property Shark). According to CNN, the first 10 stories house medical offices. Reports are that at least two apartments have sustained significant damage.
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UPDATE: Via a Curbed commenter, views from inside The Belaire, via Elliman:

That's apartment 23C, asking $1.295 million for 1,050 square feet. Separately, a tipster points us to this NYTimes story about a residence in the building from 2004: "There were smoky mirrors along its long, long halls and a strange little plot of tiles marking a table-sized square in a corner of the living room; the kitchen was a walled-in coffin. But seven of the apartment's eight rooms came with an airplane view (the eighth is a second kitchen)."
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UPDATE II: Two more listings in the building, including this "SPECTACULAR PENTHOUSE HANGING OVER THE RIVER" for $4.8 million:

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