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Broker BlogWrap: If It's Good Enough for Pavano...

Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's occasional roundup of the best blogging being blogged by blogging real estate brokers in New York. Got a broker blog we should be reading? Shoot it to

1) TrueGotham, which debuts the most badass viral marketing scheme we've yet seen for a blog (right), writes on the pitfalls of price per square foot: "There have been more times than not where I have been preparing a market analysis for a prospective seller and have come across three or four different square footage numbers for the exact same apartment. Almost always, the number is increasing over time." [TrueGotham]
2) Because too much listings analysis is never enough, check this crop o' PriceChoppers from the West Village to the Upper East Side, and this list of condos that require only 10% down. [UrbanDigs]
3) Here's a salespitch we'd consider rethinking: "New Luxury Listing at the Milan - 300 East 55th - the home of Yankee greats Tanyon Sturtze and Carl Pavano." [UpperCrustNYC]