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HoodWatch: Hot Model Advertecture Attacks 'Our Suburb'

[Photo by special HoodWatch photographic correspondent Will Femia]

As part of our weeklong North Tribeca coverage, we asked Femia to revisit the corner of West Broadway and N Moore, where a wealthy couple (described by a Curbed commenter as "some over-paid and over-tanned mortgage banker and his hot tanned sculptress wife") have famously vowed to build 10,000 square feet of residence they refer to as "our suburb."

Construction hasn't moved along at all since we last peeked in back in June. But one thing has changed: the iPod advertecture is out, replaced with a swarm of hot models in lingerie. Won't someone think of North Tribeca's children? That young lad above looks positively traumatized by this state of affairs.
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013