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HoodWatch: FSBO at American Thread Building

Been a while since we had some For Sale By Owner fun, so let's jump straight into this email: "Trepidatiously, I offer my own FSBO in the American Thread Building here. In case it's not obvious, the FSBO at 29 Tiffany Place which I found at Curbed was an inspiration. (And btw, I love the building, we are just running out of room and can't move up in this neighborhood at these prices.)"

The apartment in question, number 7B, is indeed in the American Thread Building, the cool-looking converted condo building at 260 West Broadway that, according to this web page, "was the first in the United States to offer networked computer terminals in each apartment unit." (Uh... awesome?) It's a two-bedroom, with an option to purchase an adjoining unit that could pump it up to 4BR or more (floorplan after the jump). The price for 7B: $1.95 million (compare with this duplex penthouse in the building offered at $9.75m). Open house this Sunday, 1-4pm.
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