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HoodWatch Ask Curbed Edition: More Moore

We've been over this ground before, so let's settle it once and for all. From the Curbed inbox:

Curbed, I am disappointed in you guys. The first couple of times I let it slide but now I feel I must say something about it. You guys keep calling N. Moore Street "No. Moore" street. Obviously you think, like most New Yorkers, that the N. stands for north as in North Moore. But you are wrong. The N. does not stand for North; it stands for Nathaniel. Nathaniel Moore was one of our country's greatest Revolutionary War heroes, who was executed by the British after being captured and held prisoner on a ship in Brooklyn for several months. The street is named after him.We were dubious of this claim until we ran a Google search and found this Wikipedia entry. Hey, turns out there was a guy named Nat Moore (though he played for the Dolphins, not the Revolution. Whatever.) Regardless, despite the certainty of our emailer above, we've heard the N in N Moore officially stands for nothing—a Harry S. Truman kind of thing, you know? So make your case. N Moore, N. Moore, No. Moore, North Moore, Nathaniel Moore—or none of the above?