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Belaire Penthouse Sales Update: Still Interested!

Yesterday we linked to this penthouse listing (above) at 524 East 72nd Street, the building better known as The Belaire and even better known, now, for the plane crash into its side yesterday. Turns out that the listing broker, Donna Olshan, was on the scene selling at the time of the crash. Reports the Wall Street Journal,

When the plane crashed, real estate broker Donna Olshan was showing a three-bedroom penthouse apartment selling for $4.8 million on the building's 47th floor. "The floors were rocking. The walls were rocking. You knew that it was some kind of explosion but I wasn't sure what," she said. Ms. Olshan raced down 47 stories -- through smoke that grew thicker as she descended through the building. She said that she saw just one older couple as she ran down the stairs and escaped. Still, Ms. Olshan says that the brothers she showed the apartment to said that they still are interested in potentially buying the property.

Honestly, you can't make this shit up.
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