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Times Square Giving Its Bow Tie to Pedestrians?

The good people over at StreetsBlog have been live blogging a transportation policy conference at Columbia this morning, which includes proposals from Bogotá's mayor for cutting traffic. Avoiding the cheap shot drug wisecracks, we also note that it looks like the city is going to make it easier for people to navigate Times Square without getting run down:

DOT has agreed to close the Times Square "bow tie" making way for big pedestrian space increases in Midtown's congested heart. The "bow tie" is the segment of roadway between 42nd and 47th Streets that allows traffic to merge between 7th Avenue and Broadway...This entire middle section of Times Square will be given over to pedestrians...Only a year ago powerful people within DOT were styming the idea of closing the Times Square bow-tie. Today DOT's Commissioner is touting the change. The Times, they are a-changing.It's a banner day for those big tourist families. There's more over at StreetsBlog.
· Live Blogging Manhattan Transpo Policy Conference [StreetsBlog]