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Soho Rental: Must Love Crayons, Classics

We love short-term rentals because it's almost like you get to live someone else's life for a while. You're throwing yourself into someone else's home, and you can't really change anything, so it's like you have a whole new identity. That's why it's good to at least have some similar interests as the person who owns the place, lest you be caught living amongst a bunch of terrifying porcelain clown figurines even though you have a fear of the circus. So, keeping all that in mind, if there's anybody out there who is really into banging out some Schubert tunes on a Steinway piano while furiously drawing portraits with Crayolas and staring at porn...well, then we've got the $6,000 Soho rental for you.
· Listing: Short Term SoHo Loft [Sotheby's]