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Tuition Starts at Half-a-Mil in Hoboken

Developers missed a nice chance to incorporate a cool building into a new development with the whole Old Dutch Mustard demolition thing, so where can we turn for our interesting conversion projects that don't involve Jesus? How about ... Hoboken? We've been giving a lot of love to the place recently, what with the whole W thing, so we're hesitant to chat more about it, but this looks kind of cool. Adams Square is 59 condos carved out of a 136-year-old school building, with prices starting at $510,000. The five-story building was gutted by Beyer Blinder Belle, and they've added a fancy gym, fancy finishings and utitilies, a fancy courtyard and fancy, uh, parking. The ceilings are 12.5" high, so apparently this was a school for giant mutant freakazoids. The first residents have already started moving in, and we've got two more pics for you after the jump.

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