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HoodWatch: Random Community Board Spat Edition

We tend to avoid community board politics here at Curbed for the simple reason that they bore us shitless. Then, once in a great while, we get an email like this:

As the fight between the community and developers over the future of North Tribeca reaches a fever pitch, one CB1 member commits and incredibly bad faux pas by forgetting to remove the press and elected officials email addressess from what was supposed to be an internal CB1 email! I give you below the email chain.The players: George Olsen, a "pro-development presence" member of Community Board 1; Andy Neale, a neighborhood resident and board member; and Richard Landman, another board member. Their collective insanity is after the jump; read from the bottom up. UPDATE: Know what? We just reread it ourselves. And guess what? We're bored shitless. Sorry about that.

From: Andy Neale
To: [redacted list]
Subject: Re: North Tribeca Rezoning meeting


I believe that Rick has done and is doing an awesome job as chair of the Tribeca Committee and in no way was my comment meant to imply that he was involved in “backroom deals”.

I do however stand by my assertion that in the past, the community board was less than open in its deliberations and true community input in some areas was lacking and many decisions were made behind closed doors.

We deserve to give our community members an open forum for what is going to be a major change affecting thousands of people and hundreds of buildings.

If you think that my (and dozens of others) views about previous administrations is a “rant”, you are entitled to your opinion. The part about me being “unwilling to listen to comments of other board members”, however is pure fantasy.


* * *

From: George Olsen
To: [giant redacted presslist]
Subject: Re: North Tribeca Rezoning meeting


I believe your comments to Rick are, and as they often are to other board members, insulting. To back handedly accuse Rick of promoting or condoning some "back room" deal is over the top. If anything I feel he has gone beyond the norm to accommodate certain community views. But that is his prerogative as committee chair.

Yes, we are a community board and we try to work together and your constant rants and unwillingness to listen to comments of other board remembers who may not agree with you, are contrary to your own claims of cooperativeness.

George Olsen

* * * *

From: Andy Neale
To: [smaller redacted list]
Subject: RE: North Tribeca Rezoning meeting


I agree the October 10th meeting is not really a task force, so much as a chance for residents to really have some input into the future of North Tribeca (stretching from West St to Broadway).

We are after all, a community board and those affected by any changes in that community regarding should have the chance to give input on future changes to their neighborhood.

It is most fortunate that recent changes on the board would enable such open and public comment in contrast to the "backroom deals" of past administrations.


* * *

From: Richard Landman
To: [giant press list etc. redacted]
Subject: Re: North Tribeca Rezoning meeting

I didn't think that there was still a Taskforce. I think that this is just a forum being set up by the Tribeca Committee of CB#1. I will try to be there, but no guarantees. If, not then Carole will chair.


At 04:08 PM 10/4/2006, [redacted] wrote:

> North Tribeca Rezoning Task Force
>Meeting Notice
>DATE: Tuesday October 10, 2006
>PLACE: Community Board #1 Office
> 49 Chambers Street, Room 709
>1) North Tribeca rezoning issues - Discussion
>The public is urged to attend and participate
>in the discussion.
>Community Board #1-M
>Julie Menin, Chairperson ~ Paul Goldstein,
>District Manager, Anne Suttmiller, Assistant
>District Manager ~ Lucy Acevedo, Community Coordinator