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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) How Do You Sell Williamsburg to Non-Hipsters? (64 comments)
"I thought the way it works was Ivy League grads move to Park Slope, and midwesterners moved to Williamsburg. I don't think I've ever met a tri-state area native who lives in that nabe."
2) Toll Brothers Williamsburg Northside Piers Glassy Look (43 comments)
"All that moaning and complaining about new buildings is getting truly ridiculous. If developers are willing in build tall buildings and people are willing to purchase them, why do you care so much how it looks? As many people here mentioned, Williamsburg was and partially still is an ugly-looking area. Surely, this building looks better than 90% of the buildings one can find in this area."
3) Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard Being Abolished (31 comments)
"we'll just have to make do with 1000PSF condo developments with a mustard theme: THE MUSTARD BUILDING will sell well.... SHVO... where are you???"
4) Corcoran Hit with Bias Claims (29 comments)
"I've had out of town clients, while reviewing their qualifications, drop in the conversation that they were white. I just ignored it. If they were not 'testers', but real buyers, it makes you realize that as agents we can not discriminate, but that does not stop buyers from doing so."